The purpose of this contract is to regulate the contractual sales relationship born between the provider and the user at the time the user accepts the purchase during the contracting process. The contractual sales relationship involves the delivery, in exchange for a specific price publicly displayed through the website, of a specific product. These General Conditions bind both parties and form an integral and inseparable part of the purchase and sale contract. The effectiveness of this contract operates at the time of signing the order at the request of the User, through the contracting mechanisms that will subsequently be specified, all in accordance with the provisions of art. 1,255 of the Civil Code, which includes the principle of autonomy of will and agreements between the contracting parties.

1.Coverage of our products

KITTLINK EQQE S.A.U operates through the website in European territory. The use of this website as well as any purchase made therein is considered to have been made in Spain, and therefore subject to current Spanish laws and regulations, when applicable, without prejudice to the legislation that may be applicable depending on the condition of the consumer.

2. Hiring procedure. How can I buy online?

In order for you to access the products offered by KITTLINK EQQE S.A.U and make a purchase, you must freely and voluntarily provide the personal data that will be required.

Once THE ACCOUNT has been CREATED USER, you are informed that in accordance with the requirements of art. 27 of Law 34/2002 on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, the contracting procedure will follow the following steps:

Once you have made your selection of services, adding them to the cart on The next step will be to process the order and make payment.

Buy at is very simple. You just have to follow the following steps:

1. Click on the product you want to select and press the button: “add to Cart”. – <<The cart is located at the top right of the page. >>

2. If you want to continue shopping, you must go back and select the desired products again.

3. Once you have selected the products you want to buy as well as the number of units, you can log in or create an account to complete the order, or if you wish, make your purchase without registration, as a guest.

4. On this screen you can see the cart summary with the selected products, price, taxes, shipping costs (if applicable). You can select the number of units desired for each product and delete any product if desired by giving it the delete option.

5. Once all the desired products have been selected, you can proceed to payment by selecting the desired option.

6. Next, you will need to fill out the billing information, shipping information, payment and shipping method. On this screen you must validate and accept these General Contract Conditions, which will govern the contract made. “I understand and accept the Conditions of Contract.”

7. Once you have entered the required data for the chosen payment method, click on “Finish order”/ “Buy”, and enter your card information and your purchase will be completed.

The Prices applicable to each product will be those published on the website, and applied automatically by the contracting process in the last phase of the contract. In any case, this will always be communicated to users in advance.

For any information about the order, the user can contact customer service via email

KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U, reserves the right to modify its prices at any time. moment. Products will be invoiced at the price in effect at the time of purchase.

3. Product information

The descriptions of the products offered on the portal are made based on the Almont4wd< product catalogue.

The products we present on our website are a careful selection from our collection. We have taken special care to display the colors and characteristics of our products with great precision. Although, in those cases in which the images offered with the product description do not match exactly, the description of the product made in the purchase form or product details will always prevail. These cases will be exceptional since the intention of Almont4wd is to always offer a faithful image of the product offered.

You will have the possibility to rate and comment on our products; to avoid offensive, violent, illegal comments, spam, etc., these will be subject to our validation. You will be solely responsible for the comments that you may leave on our website, and in no case will you be responsible for Almont4wd for the same, nor having the obligation to publish them.

Likewise, to guarantee more complete information, we will also indicate whether or not the product is in stock as soon as possible. In the event that the product is not available after the purchase has been made, KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U will inform the User of the total or, where applicable, partial cancellation of the order and the refund of the price if applicable.

4. Price information

The price of each product will be the one stipulated at any time on our website. Although we try to ensure that all prices on the site are correct, errors may occur.

If we discover an error in the price of any of the services you have ordered, we will inform you. as soon as possible and we will inform you as soon as possible to solve the problem. Prices may vary at any time, without this modification affecting orders that have already been placed.

The prices indicated for each service will be expressed in euro currency (€)< /strong>.

Unless otherwise indicated, the prices of the products shown on our website include legally applicable taxes (Spanish VAT). Shipping costs and applicable taxes will appear broken down at the time of purchase (payment screen) so that the user can know exactly what the final price of the product is and how it is made up.

5. Shipping costs.

  • Shipping costs will be from €15 euros, depending on the weight of the cart, in the Peninsula.
  • Shipping costs for any other area, consult with the Administration team, through this form or by email:

6. Customs information

If an address outside the EU is indicated for the delivery of the product, you may be obliged to pay import duties and taxes, which will be charged at the time the package reaches its destination. Any additional amount due to customs clearance will be borne by you.

As an importer, you must therefore comply all applicable laws and regulations in the country in which you receive the order. It is reported that international shipments are subject to inspection and opening by customs authorities.

7. Purchases from abroad.

In order to deduct VAT from International invoices, it is essential to indicate the Identity Card or Passport number.

Shipping costs, applicable taxes, and other surcharges and commissions will appear broken down in at the time of purchase, (payment screen) so that the user can know exactly what the final price of the product is and how it is made up.

A deposit for import duties may be estimated and collected during the order processing process. These funds will be used to pay import taxes to the appropriate authorities, when your order has arrived in the destination country.

The Estimated import tax amount will appear on your order summary page. If this amount does not appear in your order summary, customs charges will be borne by the recipient.

8. Offer and Acceptance

The contracting procedure and pre-contractual information is in Spanish and this language will be used to carry out the contract. If it can be carried out in another language, it will be indicated before starting the contracting procedure.

9. Information on payment methods.

Payment of the price through the website is made at the time of purchase and KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.Uwill send you an email confirmation of the purchase made informing the customer that they will shortly receive a new email with the invoice and the order tracking number.

KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U states that it does not have access to or store sensitive data related to the payment method used by the User, except for those strictly necessary for payment management. Only the corresponding financial entity processing the payment has access to this data for the purpose of managing payments and collections. Once the purchase process is completed, an electronic document is generated in which the contract is formalized and which the user can print.

KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U reserves the right to cancel orders in the cases and in accordance with the terms and conditions indicated in the “Cancellations” section of these Conditions of Use and Contract.

  • What payment method can I use to make my online purchase?

Payment for the products offered by the entity may be made through:

  1. Credit or debit card. Visa, Visa Electron 4B, International Visa, MasterCard. If your payment method is a bank card, by clicking on “Buy and proceed to payment” you are confirming that the credit card is yours. If you receive a notification that your card has been declined and you have verified that the card has not expired and that the information number associated with your card does not contain any errors, you should contact your bank first to find out the reason for the decline. rejection or lack of authorization.
  2. Bank transfer. Once the order has been placed, KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U will send it to the user’s email, within twenty-four hours (24 hours) following receipt of the formalization of the order, if applicable, of the transfer bank, an email acknowledgment of receipt and confirmation of the purchase made. The order of products and, therefore, the contract will be understood to be formalized and perfected at the time of receipt of payment of the price by KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U.
  • How can I pay via bank transfer?

It’s very easy. Once this payment option is selected, the data necessary to make the payment are the following:

Beneficiary:KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U


IBAN: ES07 0081 0116 3100 0154 5859

Subject: (Your order number, first and last name)

The period to make the transfer will be 3 days from when the order has been placed. This will not be confirmed until the charge has been made to our account. If after the period of 3 days we have not received the deposit, we will proceed to cancel the order.

The transfer costs will be charged always at the buyer’s expense.

  • Is it safe to enter my credit card information on the website?

As you can see in our security policy, our payment is secure using the indicated means. Our Online store has an SSL certificate that protects the banking information transferred in the purchase process using encryption methods. The confidential data of the credit or debit card payment are transmitted directly and securely to the financial institution.

When making the payment through secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the credit card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. It will then connect with the issuing bank, which will request authentication and authorization of the operation.

  • My card has been rejected, what can I do?

If you receive a notification that your card has been declined, you should contact your bank first to find out what is the reason. However, this circumstance can occur for several reasons:

  1. The most common reasons why a payment is rejected are related to payment security policies. When making the payment through the secure payment gateway, the system will automatically verify that the card is activated for Secure Electronic Commerce. Next, it will connect with the financial institution that issued it, which will ask the buyer to authorize the operation using a personal authentication code. The operation will only be carried out if the bank issuing the credit card confirms the authentication code and at that time the card will be charged. Otherwise, the transaction will be rejected.
  2. The card may be expired. Check that your card does not exceed the validity date.
  3. Credit limits or retention of funds< /b>.The card limit for purchases may have been reached.
  4. Data entered incorrectly. Check that you have filled out all the campos necessary with the correct information.

In any case, your bank is the only one that can provide you with the exact reason why apayment has been rejected.

  • My card has been used fraudulently. What should I do?

You must notify KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U by email or by phone, of any improper or fraudulent charge on the card used for purchases on the web, in the shortest period of time possible, so that KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U can carry out the procedures it deems appropriate.

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  • Information about the invoice.

We will issue the invoice in electronic format whenever we you expressly authorize it to be sent on this medium.

If you are a registered user, you will have access to your invoice in your customer area .

The invoice will be issued in the name of the natural or legal person who places the order, so the User must ensure that Enter the correct and complete information of the buyer. No subsequent changes will be possible.

KITTLINK EQQE, S.A.U warns that, to preserve the confidentiality of the data, only duplicate invoices will be issued to the contract holder. Duplicates will not be issued to third parties.

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