4×4 / SUV

SKID PLATES for 4x4 vehicles

ALMONT4WD has 2 ranges of skid plates for 4×4 vehicles, both manufactured entirely in ALCOA ALLOY/AMAG Austria Metal AG certified alloy. Specifications AW5083 H111 – DIN (1712-1725) AlMg4.5Mn0.7.

The 8mm thick HEAVY DUTY top range is developed for long-distance continental trips; for example: Africa, Asia or South America; how for semi-sports use.

The 6mm thick SPORT DUTY range is developed for overland vehicles, whose strength-lightness relationship is very important in the structural assembly; as well as recreational use (SUV).

If you need a sports or competition armor, you should contact directly by email at info@almont4wd.com.

We work with high quality standards that guarantee the satisfaction of our clients.

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