ALMONT4WD is a European company based in the north of Spain created in November 1992, specialized in the manufacture of underbody guards, armor, as well as components for 4×4, Camper, SUV and rally raid vehicles.

ALMONT4WD is made up of a team of industrial engineers, metallurgical specialists and mechanics specialized in long journeys and 4×4 tests (Camel Trophy-G4, Warn Cup 180, Transilvania trophy) and we also have the support and advice of renowned vehicle preparers. Rally-Raid as (Dakar Rally, Bajas TT World Championship, WRC Championship …)


In 2022, the current ALMONT4WD team is the second generation since its creation in 1992. A dedicated, enthusiastic and highly motivated team to give their best every day and to face future challenges. A team with more than 3 decades of experience in the world of engine engineering, makes the level of perseverance and self-demand higher to offer the best result.

The objective is to be the best in their mission, the administration and customer service group, the development, R&D engineering and fatigue testing group and the group for the manufacture, storage and shipment of protection components.


Since the early 1990s, materials exclusively for NATO military use began to be used, such as DIN AW5083H116 and DIN AW7075T6 duralumin from EADS Constellium Vallais, which we gradually introduced to the world of offroad competition due to their excellent characteristics. Currently we continue to use exclusive alloys from Europe and the United States, in the aerospace use of the AMAG and ALCOA brands, respectively, to offer the perfect balance between minimum weight and maximum resistance.



The result of having the best human team, motivated and experienced, state-of-the-art Numerical Control Machinery Made in Europe added to the best available materials, ALMONT4WD is proud to offer 4×4 protection components of the PREMIUM category.

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